Calendar of Scottish Saints – Saint Cadroe, Abbot, A.D. 937


6 March. He was connected with the royal family of Strathclyde. In his youth he was sent to Ireland to be educated at Armagh. Returning to Scotland, he devoted himself to the training and education of youths for the priesthood.

Later on he gave himself to a life of pilgrimage and passed into England, where Odo, Archbishop of Canterbury, received him with great kindness; he also visited the King, Edmund, at Winchester. Crossing over to France, Cadroe, by the direction of Saint Fursey, who appeared to him in a vision during prayer, took the monastic habit at the Benedictine Abbey of Fleury. But although he wished to remain there as a simple monk, his sanctity caused him to be made abbot of the monastery of Wassons-on-the Meuse, which he ruled for some years. At the request of the Bishop of Metz he took up his residence in that city in the Abbey of Saint Clement, where he instituted a thorough reform of discipline. He remained at the latter monastery till his death at the age of seventy, which was followed by many miracles.

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