Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Werenfrid, Priest and Confessor


He was an English monk, and, according to Mabillon, accompanied, or, as the Bollandists rather think, followed Saint Willibrord into Friesland, and assisted him in preaching the gospel. Saint Werenfrid planted the faith in the isle or territory of Betawe, or Batavia, in Holland, lying between the Rhine, the Leck, the M├Žse, and Merve, especially at Elste, a town in that territory, where he was buried. His tomb was famous for pilgrimages, and the miraculous cures of sick persons, especially those afflicted with the gout. Baldericus, the fifteenth bishop of Utrecht, founded there a collegiate church in his honour, with eight canonries. Saint Werenfrid is honoured in Holland on the 14th of August. See his life in Surius, and much more correctly in the Bollandists, on the 28th of August.

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