Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Malo, or Maclou, First Bishop of Aleth in Brittany


He was a native of England, and cousin-german to Saint Sampson and Saint Magloire. At an early age he was sent for his education to Ireland, where he made a rapid progress in learning and virtue. Being ordained priest, he was soon after elected to a bishopric by the suffrages of the people: but he declined that dignity, and retired into Brittany, where he put himself under the direction of a holy recluse named Aron, near Aleth. About the year 541 he was made bishop of this city, and died on the 15th of November, 565. It is from him the city of Saint Malo has its name; for his sacred remains were carried thither after Aleth had been reduced to a village, and the episcopal see transferred to Saint Malo.

MLA Citation

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