Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Cucufas, Martyr in Spain


At Barcelona he is called Saint Cougat, at Ruel, near Paris, Saint Quiquenfat, in some other parts of France Saint Guinefort. He was a native of Scillite in Africa, and of one of the first families of that country. To escape the persecution raised by Dioclesian he retired with Saint Felix into Mauritania, and afterwards into Spain. He was no sooner landed at Barcelona but he was apprehended, and confessing his faith before Dacian, the cruel governor, was condemned by him, after suffering many torments, to lose his head in 304. His companion Felix received a like crown soon after him in Gironne. The relics of Saint Cucufas were brought into France in 777, and deposited in the abbey of Saint Denys, near Paris, in 835, where they still remain with due honour. See Prudentius, hymn, the new Paris breviary on this day, the Roman Martyrology, and Bosch the Bollandist. See also Chatelain, Notes sur le Martyr.

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