Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Colman Elo, Abbot and Confessor in Ireland


This eminent saint, who was born in the province of Heath in Ireland, left his own country very young, in order entirely to devote himself to the divine service. The more perfectly his heart was disengaged from the love of creatures the more vehemently he found his soul attracted to God, and inflamed with divine love. Hence proceeded his ardour for the exercise of holy contemplation and prayer, and the constant union of his soul with God, whom he made the centre of his heart, and his whole happiness. Having lived a considerable time upon Mount Bladin in Leinster, and at Connor in Ulster, he returned into Meath, and built there the great monastery of Land-Elo, (now Lin-Alli, in the King’s County,) in which he trained up many in religious perfection. His surname was given him from this place, to distinguish him from several other Irish saints of the same name. He was closely linked with Saint Columkille before that saint left Ireland. Saint Colman Elo died on the 26th of September, 610.

MLA Citation

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