Butler’s Lives of the Saints – Saint Abban, Abbot in Ireland


He was son of Cormac, King of Leinster, and of Mella, sister to Saint Ibar, who is said by ancient writers to have preached in Ireland a little before the arrival of Saint Patrick; though others think he was consecrated bishop by Saint Patrick. Saint Ibar having laboured with zeal in the conversion of the pagans, founded the monastery of Begerin, a small island on the coast of Kinselach in Leinster, where he died about the year 500, and is honoured on the 23d of April. After Ibar’s death, our saint, who had been trained up in the monastery of Begerin, followed the steps of his holy uncle, and converted a great number of idolaters. He founded the monasteries of Kil-abbain in the north of Leinster, and Magharnoidhe in Kinselach, and died in the former, towards the end of the sixth century.

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