Book of Saints – Zachary

detail of Annuncio dell' Angelo a Aaccaria, 15th century, Florence, ItalyArticle

(Zacharias) (Saint) Prophet (November 5) (1st century) The priest Zacharias or Zachary, father of Saint John the Baptist, whose vision in the Temple is related in the First Chapter of Saint Luke’s Gospel, and who was inspired to utter the magnificent Canticle, Benedictus. The Roman Martyrology makes no mention of his having finished his life by dying in the cause of Christianity; but such was the fixed opinion of Saint Epiphanius, Saint Basil, Saint Cyril of Alexandria and other Greek Fathers. Saint Jerome, on the other hand, absolutely rejects the opinion prevalent in his time that this Saint is the Zachary spoken of by Our Lord as killed between the Temple and the Altar (Matthew 23:35).

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