Book of Saints – Ursula and Her Companions

stained glass window of Saint Urusla, date and artist unknown; Saint Joseph's Cathedral, Macon, Georgia; photographed by the author, summer 2003Article

(October 21) (Saints) Virgin Martyrs (5th century) The tradition concerning these Saints is that when the Britons fled from the South of England before the invading Saxons, while many took refuge in Armorica (Bretagne), others fled to the Continental shores about the mouth of the Rhine, but were there done to death by the heathen Huns, then ravaging the country. They are reputed to have numbered many thousands (11,000, according to the Mediaeval legend). That a Princess or chieftain’s daughter, Ursula by name, was their leader is generally accepted; but other details are quite uncertain. Their shrine in one of the churches of Cologne (with its vast collection of their bones) is celebrated all over the Christian world. The Mediaeval belief that all these Martyrs were young girls need not be insisted upon.

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