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(Saint) Martyr (August 16) (5th century) A Roman deacon who, when the city was sacked by the Goths, strove to succour the defenceless inhabitants and in consequence himself fell a victim to the fury of the Barbarian invaders (A.D. 410). The name of this Saint Titus was first inserted;in the Roman Martyrology at the time it was re-edited by Cardinal Baronius. It is not clear that Saint Titus died during the sack of Rome, though it must be conceded that he ended as a Martyr, probably a victim in one of the frequent massacres perpetrated by the savages who were overrunning Italy at the period. For, his contemporary, the careful writer Saint Prosper of Aquitaine, dates the death of the holy deacon (giving the years of the Emperors) at A.D. 425; and it would even seem that not in Rome, but elsewhere in Italy, he lost his life, for it was near Milan that his Relics were enshrined.

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