Book of Saints – Stephen – 8 February

detail of a photograph of a plaque from the high altar at the abbey of Grandmont. Champlevé copper, engraved, chased, enameled and gilt, Limoges, 1189–1190; photographed in 2006 by Jastrow; swiped off the Wikiepedia web siteArticle

(Saint) Abbot (February 8) (12th century) A French Saint, Founder of the Religious Order called of Grandimount, from the place in Auvergne where its first house was established. The life of these monks, over whom Saint Stephen presided for fifty years, was that of hermits devoted to prayer and penitential exercises, after the manner of some then flourishing in Southern Italy, whom Saint Stephen 248 had visited. He died A.D. 1126 at the age of seventy, and many miracles wrought at his tomb bore witness to his sanctity.

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