Book of Saints – Saint Sebastian

detail from the painting 'Saint Sebastian Muhlenkort'; Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, 1525, oil on canvas; Galleria Palatina , Florence, ItalyArticle

January 20

Sebastian was the son of wealthy parents. He became the captain of the soldiers who guarded the Roman Emperor.

Sebastian helped the Christians who were in prison by visiting them and bringing them clothing and food. Once he healed a soldier’s wife by making the Sign of the Cross over her. Both she and her husband asked to be baptized. He also converted a governor at Rome and many others.

Sebastian was accused of being a Christian and was to be put to death. He was tied, and soldiers shot arrows at him. That night a Christian woman, thinking he was dead, had some men bring the martyr to her home to prepare his body for burial. But Sebastian was still alive. She cared for him until he was well again.

Sebastian went back to see the Emperor and begged him to be kind to the Christians. He was arrested. This time the sentence of death was carried out. Sebastian was beaten to death with clubs and buried in the catacombs. Devotion to Saint Sebastian spread rapidly, and he is mentioned in several books of the martyrs as early as 350.

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