Book of Saints – Saint Leo the Great

detail of a painting of Saint Leo Magnus; by Francisco de Herrera el Mozo, 17th century; Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

November 10

Leo was born in Tuscany in Italy. He reigned as Pope from 440 to 461. At this time Attila, called the Scourge of God, with his hordes of Huns invaded Italy and marched toward Rome.

Moved with pity for his suffering people, Leo went out to meet him. His pleading persuaded the invader to leave Rome.

Later, when Genseric, another invader, entered Rome, Leo’s holiness and eloquence again saved the city.

Heresies attacked the Church. Leo called the Council of Chalcedon and condemned them.

The holy Pope built many churches. He left many letters and writings of great historical value. For this reason, but especially for his holiness, he is called “the Great.” He is honored as a Doctor of the Church.

Leo died on 11 April 461.

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