Book of Saints – Saint Gregory the Great

detail of a stained glass window of Pope Saint Gregory the Great, by Syrius Eberle, date unknown; parish church of Saint Benedict in Odelzhausen, Dachau, Bayern, Germany; photographed on 17 October 2015 by GFreihalter; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

September 3

Gregory was born in the year 540. He was the son of a wealthy Roman senator, who sent him to the best teachers. His mother was Saint Silvia.

Gregory sold his property and built six monasteries in Sicily and one in Rome, where he went to live as a monk. But he continued his kind deeds to help the needy.

Gregory was sent as a missionary to England by the Pope. Later he was elected Pope and sent Saint Augustine and a company of monks to England in 597. He also sent missionaries to France, Spain, and Africa.

Gregory is called “Great” above all because of the many books he wrote on the liturgy. He is also honored as Doctor of the Church because of his great learning. He made wise laws to govern the Church.

Gregory was a Benedictine. He died in the year 604.

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