Book of Saints – Saint Boniface

detail of an illustration of Saint Boniface by Cornelis Bloemaert, c.1630Article

June 5

Boniface was born in England in 680. He was educated in a Benedictine monastery and later became a monk.

He went to Rome to obtain the Pope’s blessing on his mission to the German people. He destroyed the temples of idols and built churches. Once he cut down a huge oak which was dedicated to the god Jupiter, and then used the tree in building a church dedicated to Saint Peter.

The Pope called him to Rome and ordained him a bishop. He returned to Germany to spread the Catholic religion in Germany.

Boniface set out to convert a pagan tribe in Holland. While he was waiting to confirm some newly-baptized Christians, a troop of pagans killed him and fifty-two Christians who were with him on 5 June 755.

Saint Boniface is the patron saint of Germany. His life bears out the Christian rule: to follow Christ is to follow the way of the Cross.

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