Book of Saints – Saint Anthony of Padua

a verson of the 2014 computer based forensic reconstruction of the face of Saint Anthony of Padua based on a digital version of his skull; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

June 13

Anthony’s parents were very rich and wanted him to be a great nobleman. But he wanted to be poor for the sake of Jesus, so he became a Franciscan.

Anthony was a great preacher. He was sent out as a missionary in many cities in Italy and France. He brought many sinners back to God through his preaching, prayer, and good example.

One day, when Anthony was praying, the Infant Jesus appeared to him, put His little arms around his neck, and kissed him. This wonderful favor was given to him because he kept his soul from sin and because he loved Jesus very much.

Over and over again God called him to something new in his plan. Each time Anthony answered with zeal to serve his Lord Jesus with all his heart.

Anthony died in a monastery near Padua in 1231 at the age of thirty-six. Many miracles took place after his death. Even today he is called “wonder-worker.”

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