Book of Saints – Peter Celestine

portrait of Pope Saint Celestine V, 1700, by Giulio Cessare Bedeschini; Museo de l'Aquila, Italy; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Saint) Pope. (May 19) (13th century) A Benedictine monk or hermit, Founder of the Congregation called after him Celestinians. He was born in the Abruzzi (Southern Italy) A.D. 1221; and as a Religious became so renowned for sanctity of life that, after the death of Pope Nicholas IV, the Cardinals compelled him to accept the Tiara (A.D. 1294). But four months later he resigned this highest of earthly dignities and returned to his monastery on Mount Morrone (whence his name, Peter of Morrone). His successor, Pope Boniface VIII, fearing lest the simple old Saint should be made the tool of schismatics, removed him to a castle near Anagni, where he survived till A.D. 1296. He was canonised by Clement V (A.D. 1313). Dante and others have judged Saint Peter Celestine harshly and unfairly, but history and the veneration of the Church have amply justified his memory.

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