Book of Saints – Patrick – 17 March

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(Saint) Bishop (March 17) (5th century) Lives of the great Apostle of Ireland are in the hands of all, and his writings have again and again been published and translated. There is a controversy as to the date (4th century) and place of his birth. In his sixteenth year he was carried into captivity, together with other clients and slaves of his father, Calphurnius, and taken to Ireland. Here he was admonished in vision of his future work. Escaping from his captors, he travelled through Britain, Gaul and Italy, and in Rome received his mission from Pope Saint Celestine (A.D. 423-432). Coming to Ireland, he devoted himself entirely to the work thus set him. He converted numberless heathens to Christianity, and, by establishing various Bishoprics and holding several Councils, organised the Church of the country. He died and was buried at Down in Ulster, but his titular See he had long before fixed at Armagh. The precise year of his entering into everlasting rest is somewhat uncertain. Butler gives A.D. 464 as most probable.

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