Book of Saints – Olave

statue of Saint Olaf II, date and artist unknown; photographed by Nina Aldin Thune; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Olaus, Tooley) King, Martyr (July 29) (11th century) A famous King of Norway, distinguished as a successful leader in war, who, yet a Pagan, came to England (A.D. 1013), helped King Ethelred in his struggle with the Danes, and returned to Norway, a convert to Christianity, together with priests and monks destined to evangelise his people. In this they were successful; but the Pagans rose against their noble monarch, drove him into exile, and in the end killed him in battle near Drontheim (A.D. 1030) in the sixteenth year of his reign. He was forthwith and rightly venerated as a Martyr to the Christian Faith.

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