Book of Saints – Moses – 28 August

Saint Moses the BlackArticle

(Saint) (August 28) (4th century) He was an African Negro of Abyssinia, and hence is styled the “Ethiopian Hermit.” Born in slavery, he had developed such vicious inclinations that his master drove him from his household. He then became a highway robber, and, at the head of a band of brigands, was the terror of the country round the frontiers of Egypt. But a miraculous conversion ensued. Touched by Divine Grace, Moses became a model of penitence, and after some time gained admittance to the monastery of the Solitaries at Scete in Lower Egypt. There, his austere life and the heavenly favours he received placed him in the first rank among the Fathers of the Desert. Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria, raised him to the priesthood. He died at the close of the fourth century, when in his seventy-fifth year, surrounded by his many disciples.

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