Book of Saints – Mennas – 25 August

detail of a 14th century fresco of Mina, Patriarch of Constantinople; artist unknown; northern wall of the nave of the northern wing of the Gracanica Monastery, Kosovo, Serbia; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Saint) Bishop (August 25) (6th century) This holy Patriarch of Constantinople had the privilege of being consecrated by Pope Saint Agapetus, who had come to the city to preside over the Council convoked to judge the former Patriarch Anthimus. On the deposition of the latter, Mennas, then Superior of the great Hospice of Saint Samson, was elected in his place (A.D. 536). Subject to Papal approbation, Saint Mennas subscribed the Edict of the Emperor Justinian condemning the documents known as the “Three Chapters.” For this subscription Saint Mennas was, however, censured by Pope Vigilius. He of course submitted. He died A.D. 552.

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