Book of Saints – Melania the Younger and Pinianus

Saint Melania the YoungerArticle

(Saints) (December 31) (5th century) A Roman lady and her husband, persons of great wealth and prominent in the world of their time. Having lost by death their two children, they resolved on embracing a life of Evangelical perfection. Selling all their goods and distributing the proceeds to the poor, they established themselves in Palestine in monasteries they had founded. Among their friends they reckoned Saints Augustine and Jerome, the latter of whom in particular acted as their guide in the spiritual path they had chosen. Saint Melania outlived her husband. Her death took place in A.D. 439. Their memory is in great veneration, especially in the Eastern Church. The Life of Saint Melania, written by the late Cardinal Rampolla, is among the most remarkable contributions made to Hagiography in our time. Saint Melania is styled the Younger to distinguish her from her paternal grandmother, whose holy life likewise led to her being numbered among Saints venerated bv Holy Church.

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