Book of Saints – Medericus


(Saint) Abbot (August 29) (7th century) Born at Autun (France), he entered a monastery of that city in his early youth. Later, he was appointed to be its Abbot. He fulfilled the duties of this office with wonderful success; but, wearying of the responsibilities of government and of having incessantly to meet crowds of people attracted to the Abbey by the fame of his virtues and miracles, he retired to a solitude in the vicinity where he built himself a cell. Later, he was obliged by his Bishop to reassume his former charge. The last we hear of him is that he made a pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint Germanus of Paris, and died there (A.D. 700), on a day he had himself fore-announced. In France he is known as Saint Merri or Saint Merry.

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