Book of Saints – Maximus – 13 August

Saint Maximus the ConfessorArticle

(Saint) Martyr (August 13) (7th century) A Greek of noble birth at first attached to the Court of the Emperor Heraclius, but who retired to the monastery of Chrysopolis (Scutari) and devoted himself to Ecclesiastical studies. He was a great champion of Orthodoxy against the Monothelite heretics, and assisted at the Lateran Council of A.D. 649. By order of the Emperor, who sided with the Monothelites, or at least wished to hush up the controversy, Saint Maximus was seized in Rome and taken as a prisoner to Constantinople. There, on his refusal to abate aught of his Catholic Faith, his right hand was cut off and his tongue torn out. His disciple, Saint Anastasius suffered the same fate, and they both died in prison of their wounds (A.D. 662). Saint Maximus was a voluminous writer, and acquired the surname of “Theologus” (The Theologian). There have been several editions of his works published in modern times.

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