Book of Saints – Maximilian – 12 October


(Saint) Bishop, Martyr (October 12) (3rd century) A native of Noricum (the territory between the Inn and the Danube). Promoted to the priesthood after a successful missionary career, he was elected Bishop of Lorsch (A.D. 257). But during a visit he was paying to his native town of Celeia (Cilly) he was arrested as a Christian and put to death on his refusal to offer sacrifice to the god Mars. According to most documents, his death occurred A.D. 281, but by some it is set down as having happened in the first years of the reign of Diocletian, that is, nine or ten years later. Saint Rupert of Salzburg erected churches in honour of Saint Maximilian. The relics of the latter are now at Passau, whither it is said they were translated early in the eleventh century.

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