Book of Saints – Maximian – 3 October


(Saint) Bishop (October 3) (5th century) An African, a convert from the Donatist heresy, who was appointed to the See of Bagaja, a suffragan Bishopric in the Province of Carthage. But finding his nomination displeasing to the people, he persuaded the Fathers of the Council of Milevis to accept his resignation. Saint Augustine in one of his Sermons recalls this fact. Maximian afterwards fell into the power of the Donatists, by whom he was so grievously maltreated that after his death he was venerated as a Martyr. When his wounds had been healed he crossed over into Italy and stated his case to the Emperor Honorius, with the result that the latter issued a Decree restraining the violence of the heretics (A.D. 404).

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