Book of Saints – Mary – 29 June


(Saint) Widow (June 29) (1st century) One of the New Testament Saints, wherein she is mentioned (Acts 12:12) as the mother of John, surnamed Mark. From the text it results that Mary’s house was a place of assembly for the Apostles and other Christians. There is even a tradition that it was the scene of the Last Supper and of the Descent of the Holy Ghost. It was, it is said, later changed into a church. Scripture tells us nothing more about this Saint Mary; but there exist some traditions alleging that she died either at Alexandria in Egypt or in the Island of Cyprus. These arose from the relationship, real or supposed, of this Saint Mary to Saint Mark the Evangelist, as well as to Saint Barnabas, the one and the other connected with Egypt and with Cyprus. We know (Colossians 4:10) that Mark and Barnabas were cousins; but this Mark, the son of the Saint Mary of June 29, was almost certainly other than the Evangelist.

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