Book of Saints – Martha – 29 July

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(Saint) Virgin (July 29) (1st century) The sister of Saint Lazarus and of Saint Mary Magdalen, and the hostess of Our Lord in their house at Bethany (Luke 10; John 11,12). She is believed to have been one of the holy women who attended Christ in His Passion, and who rejoiced with Him after His Resurrection. Tradition also has it that, with her brother and sister, she crossed the sea to Marseilles and aided in the introducing of Christianity into Gaul. A popular legend ascribes to Saint Martha the destruction of a dragon, said to have been the terror of the people of Tarrascon in Provence, where she fixed her abode and passed her days in the practice of virtues, especially of those by which she could benefit her neighbour. Many miracles are recorded as wrought in answer to her prayers. She is said to have died eight days after her holy sister, Saint Magdalen (July 29, A.D. 84). Artists usually represent Saint Martha as overcoming or perhaps taming a dragon (emblem of Paganism).

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