Book of Saints – Mark – 25 April

[Saint Mark the Evangelist]Article

(Saint) Evangelist (April 25) (1st century) The inspired writer of one of the Gospels. That he was of Jewish extraction may fairly be inferred from the fact that his writings abound in Hebraisms. Venerable Bede is of opinion that he was of the race of Aaron, that is, of the priestly caste. It is controverted whether he is the “John who is surnamed Mark ” (Acts 12:25) who was for some time the companion of Saul and Barnabas in the first part of their ministry. The Roman Martyrology, following the statements of several of the Fathers, styles him “the disciple and interpreter of Saint Peter,” and adds that he wrote his Gospel at the request of the Roman Christians under the direction of Saint Peter himself. There existed even a tradition that Saint Mark’s Gospel was originally written in Latin rather than in Greek. It seems almost certain that he is the disciple whom Saint Peter calls “my son Mark ” (1 Peter 13). Of his after-history we know that he was sent as a missionary probably to Aquileia, whence his connection with Venice, but certainly to Etjypt, where he founded the great Church of Alexandria. It was there that Saint Mark suffered for Christ, dying in prison about A.D. 68. His body was in the ninth century translated to Venice, of which city Saint Mark Is the chief Patron Saint. In art he is represented with a lion at his feet, and often with a scroll on which are inscribed the words: “Peace be to thee, O Mark, My Evangelist.”

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