Book of Saints – Marcellus – 16 January


(Saint) Pope, Martyr (January 16) (4th century) Saint Marcellus was elected Pope A.D. 308, and occupied the Chair of Saint Peter for one year only. The tyrant Maxentius, soon to be overthrown by Constantine, had, however, time to have the holy man seized, scourged, and condemned to be degraded to the position of a labourer in the Imperial stables. Rescued for a time from this degradation, he was received by the holy Christian woman Lucina into her mansion, an apartment which she had transformed into a church, he regained a little liberty. Maxentius, however, discovered him quickly and converted the church into a stable, forcing the Pontiff to take up again the wretched work to which he had sentenced him. Broken down by suffering, Saint Marcellus died on January 16 of the following year, A.D. 309, and was buried by Lucina in the Catacombs. His relics were later translated to the Roman church which bears his name.

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