Book of Saints – Mansuetus – 6 September


(Saint) Bishop (September 6) (Date uncertain) A Bishop of Toul in France, popularly known as Saint Mansu or Mansuy. There was a belief that he was a disciple of Saint Peter the Apostle and was by him sent into Gaul, where he founded the See of Toul. But the better founded opinion is that Saint Mausuetus was by birth a Scot, and that he became the first Bishop of Toul during the reign of the Emperor Constantius (A.D. 337- A.D. 350). His Apostolic labours were so successful and illustrated by so many signs of a Divine Mission that he is regarded as the Apostle of Lorraine. Saint Gerard, Bishop of Toul, made a solemn Translation of his Body (A.D. 971). To save them from destruction, his relics were at the time of the great French Revolution dispersed and distributed among various churches.

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