Book of Saints – Magnericus


(Saint) Bishop (July 25) (6th century) The disciple and successor in the Archbishopric of Treves of Saint Nicetius, whom he voluntarily attended into exile when that holy prelate was unjustly banished by King Clothair. King Sigebert, son of Clothair, recalled the Saints and, on the death of Nicetius, Saint Magnericus was unanimously elected in his place (A.D. 566). His virtues and learning brought him into universal esteem. He received many marks of the Royal favour from Kings Sigebert and Childeric, and obtained from the latter the release of Theodore, Bishop of Marseilles, wrongfully accused and cast into prison. Saint Magnericus was an intimate friend of Saint Gregory of Tours, and specially devoted to Saint Martin of Tours, the popular Saint of his age. He dedicated to Saint Martin several churches and a famous Benedictine Abbey. Saint Magnericus died before the end of the sixth century. His Life was written by Abbot Eberwin.

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