Book of Saints – Linus


(Saint) Pope, Martyr (September 23) (1st century) The immediate successor of Saint Peter in the See of Rome, as Saint Irenseus and others of the early Fathers assure us. Tertullian, indeed, holds that Saint Peter appointed Saint Clement to take his place; but it is now generally admitted that the order, Linus, Cletus, Clement, is the true one. Saint Linus ruled the Church for twelve years (A.D. 67-79), and is numbered among the Martyrs in the Canon of the Roman Mass. Tradition adds that Saint Linus lies buried near the grave of the Apostle in Saint Peter’s. He is said to have insisted that women should never enter a church with uncovered heads. He is almost certainly the Linus mentioned by Saint Paul (2 Timothy 4:41).

MLA Citation

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