Book of Saints – Lambert of Maestricht

detail from a 15th century painting of the martyrdom of Saint Lambert of Liège; artist unknown; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Saint) Bishop, Martyr (September 17) (7th century) A disciple of Saint Theodardus, Bishop of Maestricht, whom he succeeded in A.D. 669. In the political troubles of the time, he was, five years later, driven from his See, and retired to the monastery of Stavelot, where for seven years he led the humble life of a simple monk. Recalled to his See by Pepin of Heristal, he set about his work with renewed zeal, and energetically promoted the missionary efforts of Saint Willebrord and others in the neighbouring Pagan districts. For his energy in repressing vice he paid with his life, being slain by a troop of lawless nobles (A.D. 709) in the then village of Liege, whither his relics were transported from Maestricht, A.D. 720; and which, having become shortly afterwards an Episcopal city, honours Saint Lambert as its chief Patron.

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