Book of Saints – Josaphat

detail from an illustration of Blessed Jehoshaphat Kuntcevich; 1665, artist unknown; from the book 'Life and Martyrdom of the Blessed Jehoshaphat Kuntsevych", Rome, Italy; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(Saint) Bishop, Martyr (November 12) (17th century) The first of the Orientals to be formally canonised in Rome. Born at Vladimir in Poland (A.D. 1584) at the age of twenty he entered the Order of Saint Basil. Night and day he prayed for the extinction of the Eastern Schism and for the Union of the Greeks with Rome, performing the most rigorous penances with the view of obtaining this from Almighty God. Many were the conversions brought about by his indefatigable zeal. He was ordained priest, and afterwards, when in his thirty-ninth year, consecrated Archbishop of Polotsk in Lithuania. Thenceforward in a position to put new life into his clergy and people, he profited them not only by word but even more by his example. Though warned not to visit the parish of Witepsk, overrun by the Schismatics, as a brave shepherd of souls he faced the danger, and was cruelly put to death there by the enemies of the Faith (November 12, A.D. 1623). He was canonised by Pope Pius IX (A.D. 1867).

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