Book of Saints – Hyacinth of Poland

[Saint Hyacinth]Article

(Saint) (August 16) (13th century) Of an illustrious family of Silesia, he was born in 1185 near Breslau and, having completed his course of studies, became a Canon of Cracow. Repairing to Rome with the Bishop, his uncle, he met the great Saint Dominic, whose Order he joined. After six months of Novitiate he made his profession and returned to his own country, converting many sinners on the way. Both at Cracow and elsewhere throughout Poland, he induced a great number of indifferent Christians to reform their lives, and founded monasteries in several places. He next journeyed through Pomerania, Denmark, Sweden and Norway; afterwards to the South of Russia, where he penetrated as far as the Black Sea. In a third journey he founded a monastery even in the distant and unlikely city of Kieff. After two years’ rest at Cracow, he undertook (A.D. 1231) the longest of his Apostolic expeditions, penetrating into Asia, where he reached the frontiers of Thibet, and even made his way into China. He was an old man when he returned to Cracow, where he died shortly afterwards (A.D. 1257). Saint Hyacinth was canonised A.D. 1594, and his Feast was ordered to be kept throughout the Western Church.

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