Book of Saints – Gregory Thaumaturgus

[Pictorial Lives of the Saints: Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus]Article

(Saint) (November 17) Bishop (3rd century) A Saint of exceeding celebrity both in the East and in the West, who is still annually commemorated in the Liturgy. Born at Neo-Caesarea, a then Pagan city of Pontus near the Black Sea, and a disciple of the famous Origen, he became Bishop of his birthplace about A.D. 240. At his accession there were no more than seventeen Christians in the town; and it is related that on his deathbed (about A.D. 270) he thanked God that only that same number of idolaters remained in it. His title of Thaumaturgus, or Wonder-worker, he earned by the marvellous miracles his faith privileged him to work, among them the literal moving of mountains and drying up of lakes. He took part in the Council of Antioch (A.D. 264;, against Paul of Samosata. His literary remains are of value though fragmentary.

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