Book of Saints – Gertrude of Nivelles


(Saint) Virgin (March 17) (7th century) The daughter of Pepin of Landen, Mayor of the Palace to King Clotaire II and to two of his successors. When only twenty-one years old, Gertrude was placed at the head of the Abbey of Nivelles, in which her own mother, Itta, its foundress thenceforth lived as her daughter’s subject. Saint Gertrude was distinguished for her care of the poor and for culture of mind remarkable in that age, though far from uncommon in the monasteries of the time. She is said to have known nearly the whole Bible by heart. In art, she is usually depicted so absorbed in contemplation that a mouse quietly climbs up the Pastoral Staff at her side. She passed the three last years of her life almost entirely in exercises of devotion and penance, falling asleep in Christ some time between A.D. 659 and A.D. 664, at the early age of thirty-three.

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