Book of Saints – Germanus of Paris


(Saint) Bishop (May 28) (6th century) Born near Autun (A.D. 496), he was there ordained priest, and became Abbot of a monastery. Happening to be in Paris when the See was vacant, he was elected (A.D. 554) Bishop of that city. On account of his charity styled the ” Father of the Poor,” he by his zeal and example wrought a wonderful change in the morals of the people, converting even the careless King Childebert to the living of a Christian life. The latter founded the monastery of Saint Vincent (now known as S. Germain des Prte), in which he was buried (A.D. 561), and after him (A.D. 576) the holy Bishop, his truest friend, to whose sanctity many miracles have borne witness. Saint Germanus’ account of the Gallican Rite is liturgically of great value.

MLA Citation

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