Book of Saints – Germanus of Auxerre


(Saint) Bishop (July 31) (5th century) Born at Auxerre, about A.D. 378, of noble parents, he studied Civil Law in Rome, married a lady of rank equal to his own, and by the Emperor Honorius, was made Governor {Dux) of his native Province. From A.D. 418, his manner of life, up to then far from edifying, underwent a complete change. He received priest’s orders, and very soon became “Rishop of Auxerre, which Diocese he governed with wonderful gain to souls for thirty years. His successful mission with Saint Lupus of Troyes, to Britain against the Pelagians, has made him famous there, where several churches have been dedicated to him. It was then that he led the islanders to their famous Alleluia victory over the Saxons. Later, he again visited Britain, and is said to have ordained the great Welsh Saints, Dubritius and Illtyd. Engaged in an errand of mercy to the Court of the Eraperer Valentinian III, he died at Ravenna in Italy (July 31, A.D. 448). His body at his dying request was brought back to Auxerre. His remains were destroyed during the French Revolution. Among the striking miracles he wrought, his raising up from the dead the son of Volusian, Secretary to Sigisvult the Patrician, is the most famous.

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