Book of Saints – Genevieve

detail of an illustration of Saint Genevieve; 1887 by Charles Sprague Pearce; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(GENOVEFA) (Saint) Virgin (January 3) (5th century) Born at Nanterre near Paris (A.D. 422), and, when only seven years old, blessed in a special manner by Saint Germanus of Auxerre, who foretold her sanctity and the vow of virginity by which she would bind herself. At fifteen she received the veil of the Spouses of Christ, and thenceforth led a life of penance, bearing with heroic patience the calumnies and persecutions which became her lot. She greatly helped the Parisians during the siege of their city by the Franks. Later, she again saved it from destruction, as, through her prayers, Attila the Hun suddenly changed his devastating course through Gaul and turned aside his army, while still south of Paris. Saint Genevieve died A.D. 512. Her relics were at once venerated; and to a church in which she was buried her name was given. She is honoured as Patron Saint of Paris. Her relics were burned during the great Revolution at the end of the eighteenth century, and her stately church has now been turned into the so-called Pantheon.

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