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(GALLUS) (Saint) Abbot (October 16) (7th century) Born in Ireland about the middle of the sixth century and educated in the great monastery of Ben-Chor under the Abbots Saints Comgall and Columban, Saint Gall was well versed in the Holy Scriptures. He accompanied Saint Columban to England and France (A.D. 585), and assisted in the foundation of the Abbey of Luxeuil. Both Saint Columban and Saint Gall were banished by King Theodoric, and Saint Gall, settling near Lake Constance in Switzerland, converted to Christianity the people of that territory. He was chosen Abbot of Luxeuil, A.D. 625, but would not accept the dignity, preferring his poor cell in Switzerland. He died A.D. 646. His Abbey, famous through the Middle Ages, has given its name to one of the Swiss Cantons.

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