Book of Saints – Fulgentius

detail of a 17th century portrait of Saint Fulgentius of RuspeArticle

(Saint) Bishop (January 1) (6th century) A descendant of a noble senatorial family of Carthage. Though already appointed Procurator of that Province, at an early age he left the world and entered a monastery, from which six years later he was driven out by the Arian heretics. He then repaired to Egypt, but finding that country in schism, set out for Rome. Thence, during the first lull in the persecution, he sought again his cell in Africa. Elected Bishop of Ruspa (A.D. 505) he, with fifty-nine others, was banished by the Arian King Tlirasimund to Sardinia. Though the youngest of the exiles, he was their mouthpiece; and by books and letters still extant confounded the Pelagian and Arian teachers and confirmed the Catholics of Africa and Gaul in their Faith. On Thrasimund’s death the exiled Bishops returned to Africa and Fulgentius, after re-establishing discipline in his Diocese, retired to a monastery in the Island of Arcinia to prepare himself for death, passing away a year later, A.D. 533. He has left us several valuable Theological Treatises.

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