Book of Saints – Frumentius

[Saint Frumentius of Ethiopia]Article

(Saint) Bishop (October 27) (4th century) A Christian youth of the fourth century who making a voyage with his uncle, Meropeus of Tyre, was cast on the shore of Abyssinia. All on board were massacred by the savage inhabitants with the exception of himself and his brother. The King having taken a fancy to him, he was educated at the Court, and in time became the Treasurer of the kingdom. On the death of the monarch he was entrusted with the education of the Royal Princes, Aizan and Sazan. Wishing for the conversion of the kingdom, Frumentius asked the assistance of Saint Athanasius, who gave him Holy Orders and Episcopal Consecration and sent him back to Abyssinia, which he converted to Christianity with its King Aizan, thus meriting the title of Apostle of Ethiopia. The precise year of his death is unknown.

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