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FRANCIS XAVIER (Saint) (December 3) (16th century) Saint Francis Xavier, born A.D. 1506 at Pamplona in Navarre, studied with distinction at Paris, where he met Saint Ignatius, and joining him was one of those who with the holy Founder of the Society of Jesus offered their lives to God at Montmartre (A.D. 1534). In obedience to his Superior he undertook the Apostolate of the Indies, landing at Goa, A.D. 1542. His first work was the bringing back to the leading of a Christian life of the European population of that city. Thenceforward, he gave himself up to the heathen. He journeyed through India, reaching Malacca, preaching and working miracles, and even raising the dead to life. Innumerable conversions followed. In Japan, whither he next repaired, so marvellous was his Apostolate that it is reckoned that forty years afterwards there were no less than four hundred thousand Christians in the islands. He died A.D. 1552, when attempting to penetrate into China, on the Island of Sancian, near Macao. His body, brought back to Goa was, a century later, found to be incorrupt. Many miracles were wrought at his tomb, and he was canonised A.D. 1662. He has since been declared Patron of Catholic Missions.

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