Book of Saints – Eusebius – 14 August – 4th century

woodcut of Saint Eusebius of Rome, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiArticle

(Saint) (August 14) (4th century) A Roman priest, sometimes honoured as a Martyr, he having ended his days in a prison (A.D. 357) during the Arian troubles fostered even in Home by the Emperor Constantius. Into the controversy among the learned regarding the attitude of Saint Eusebius towards the Pontiffs, Liberius and Saint Felix II, it is not necessary to enter. That Liberius never swerved from orthodoxy is clear. It is perhaps equally so that Saint Eusebius did not endorse his policy in the difficult circumstances of the times, and thereby forfeited the Pontiff’s favour. After the death of Saint Eusebius, Pope and people joined in venerating his memory; and eight years later Saint Damasus, who shared his views, was elected to the Supreme Pontificate.

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