Book of Saints – Eparchius


EPARCHIUS (CYBAR) (Saint) Abbot (July 1) (6th century) Born in Perigord (France) A.D. 504, and heir to the Dukedom of that Province. He preferred, however, to become a monk at Sessac. Later, desirous of a still more retired and more austere life, he came to Angouleme (A.D. 542), and with the help of Saint Aphtonius, Bishop of the city, was solemnly enclosed in a cavern close by. He had already received the priesthood, and his sanctity and the numerous miracles he wrought drew great crowds to listen to his preaching. From his retreat he also directed certain monks, who eventually founded a monastery in the neighbourhood. He died A.D. 581, and was chosen to be the Patron Saint of the Diocese of Angouleme. His relics, reverenced for a thousand years, were destroyed by the Huguenots in the sixteenth century.

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