Book of Saints – Ennodius


ENNODIUS (Saint) Bishop (July 17) (6th century) Born in Cisalpine Gaul (Northern Italy), or perhaps at Aries (A.D. 473), and well versed in Rhetoric and in the science of his time, he married a rich and noble lady. But after recovering from a dangerous illness, he consecrated himself to God (taking deacon’s orders), and his wife retired into a convent. Consecrated Bishop of Pavia (Lombardy) A.D. 510, he was twice sent by Pope Hormisdas as his Legate to the Eastern Emperor Anastasius, to try to induce the latter to cease from favouring Eutychianism (the heresy of those who denied to Christ a real human nature like our own). On the last occasion he endured much ill-treatment at Constantinople, and barely escaped thence with his life. Returning to Pavia he laboured with much zeal for the temporal and spiritual welfare of his flock. He died four years later (A.D. 521). The poems and ascetical tracts of Saint Ennodius are interesting, though as literature they suffer greatly from the defective taste of the age in which he lived.

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