Book of Saints – Canute, King of Denmark


CANUTE, KING OF DENMARK (Saint) Martyr (January 19) (11th century) The son of Sweyn, King of Denmark, and great nephew of Canute, King of England. Succeeding to the Danish throne as Canute IV, he showed himself an able and warlike monarch. He thoroughly established the Christian religion in Denmark, and pro- pagated it through the Baltic Provinces of Courland and Livonia. He married Alice of Flanders and had by her a son, Saint Charles the Good, Count of Flanders. One of his enterprises, which, however, failed, was the fitting out of a fleet to free the Anglo-Saxons from the Norman yoke. Though beloved by his people, he was cruelly murdered in a church by a party of malcontents, headed by his own brother, Olaus (A.D. 1084). King Eric III, one of his successors, obtained from Rome the decree for his canonization.

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