Book of Saints – Calepodius, Palmatius, Simplicius, Felix, Blanda and Others


CALEPODIUS, PALMATIUS, SIMPLICIUS, FELIX, BLANDA and OTHERS (Saints) Martyrs (May 10) (3rd century) A number of Roman Christians who perished during the reign of the Emperor Alexander Severus. The Pope of the time, Saint Callistus, was the most distinguished victim; but Saint Calepodius, a priest, was the first to suffer. Saint Palmatius, who was of consular rank, died with his wife and children and forty-two of his retainers, as did Saint Simplicius, a Senator, with sixty-eight of his family and dependents. Saints Felix and Blanda, husband and wife, shared the lot of their fellow-believers. These Martyrs were not arraigned before judges and condemned after a regular trial; but seem to have been victims of an outburst of fury on the part of the heathen mob. In the ninth century, six centuries after their death (A.D. 222-235), their relics were removed from the Catacombs and enshrined in the Church of Sainte Maria in Trasevere.

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