Book of Saints – Briocus


(Brioc, Brieuc) (Saint) Bishop (May 1) (6th or 7th century) A native of Cardiganshire, who was educated in France by Saint Germanus. He returned to Britain, where he converted to Christianity his own parents with other pagans. Crossing again to France, he settled in Brittany and founded the great monastery which bears his name, and has given it to the important town surrounding it. It was there he died in his ninetieth year. In the parish of Saint Breock in Cornwall the annual fair is still held on May 1, his Feast Day. There were many translations of his relics. The epoch in which he lived (6th or 7th century) depends on whether his instructor was Saint Germanus of Paris or (which is much more likely) Saint Germanus of Auxerre, whom he probably followed to France when that Saint returned from Britain after his preaching against the heresy of Pelagius.

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